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Zlín and Prague
A Utopia of Modernity : Zlín
International Symposium

Featuring internationally renowned scholars and theorists, the symposium opened on May 19 2009 with a lecture program and a tour of the exhibition “The Baťa Phenomenon. Zlín Architecture 1910 – 1960” in the National Gallery in Prague. The symposium then moved to Zlín where discussions continued from May 20 – 23.

This symposium differed from conventional academic formats in that it was not solely confined to the conference room. Following a meandering format instead, the objective was to turn the subject matter of discussion – Zlín – into a tangible experience. “Walks & Talks”, sojourns through the city under the guidance of experts, brought the Baťa cosmos nearer to the visitors. Renowned authorities on the city and its history guided their guests not only to the most distinctive buildings and locations, but also to local discussion partners who in the spirit of oral history related their experiences of the past and gave an account of the current situation. This approach conveyed a clear picture of everyday life in this monument of Modernity. Details on the symposium are available here.

Background materials

Program (pdf)
Overview of the lectures and speakers as well as the supporting program (in German)

Conference reader (pdf)
Extensive information on the symposium with details on the lectures and biographies of the speakers.

The Baťa Phenomenon. Zlín Architecture 1910-1960
Flyer for the exhibition held in the National Gallery, Prague

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